Cases & Experience

These are few of the cases I have dealt with

Barclays Bank PLC –v- D

Advised and assisted D in a matter involving transfer of unauthorized large sums of funds from a Barclays Bank Business Account. The issues where complex and involved money laundering issues and challenges to authorization held by banks and the role of the bank as a trustee.

Royal Bank of Scotland –v- W
Successfully challenged the loan security of the Royal Bank of Scotland in a matter involving undue influence and bank securities, in addition to successfully challenging the security, compensation was also obtained for the client.

Natwest Bank PLC –v- TH
Challenged the banks land security based on the interpretation and challenges to a 1989 agreement, these resulted in negotiations by the bank and the case was settled in favor of the client.

The Commercial Lease of Ultimate Ltd ,UK
Litigation involving complex issues in respect of a commercial Lease with an argument for a finding that a Lease was in existence which was coexisting with an agreement to grant a Lease. A successful outcome for the client in getting the court to agree that a Lease was in existence.

Halifax Bank v R
Successfully defended R in a Bankruptcy action brought by the Halifax Bank, was able to set aside the principal loan involved and was a able to show that the bank failed to carry out due diligence when it provided the loan.

HBK investment
A case involving business names and intellectual property, advised HBK investment ltd UK in an action brought by the multinational HBK investment whose head office is in Texas USA in respect of the use of the name ‘HBK’. Matters settled out of court resulting in the change of name of the UK Company due to funding issues. This was the best action for the UK client who made no loss.

Secretary of State for the Home Department (SSHD) v Gilgil
Successfully represented client in removal proceedings brought by the Secretary of State based on illegal entry. Client had entered the UK illegally and illegally commenced a business; he had been resident in the UK for over five years and had lodged an application under the Turkish Association Agreement (The Ankara Agreement). Matter went up to judicial review and the removal was stayed, he was eventually granted leave to remain in the UK based on his human rights to a private life.

A was denied entry to the United Kingdom as the spouse of a British Citizen based on deception on a previous application which mandated refusal of any future applications for 10years. Successfully challenged the alleged deception and the rule as it applied to the client and he was granted entry on appeal.

R v R
A landlord and tenant case involving illegal eviction, threats of harassment, comitial proceedings, assault and damages to real property, the human rights of the client played a large role in the case.
London Borough of Havering-v- R
Successfully challenged (in litigation) the local authority’s decision in respect of social housing, matters involved findings on priority needs and ‘under occupation’.